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For the ninth consecutive year, STUDIO KHORA is recognized as a

Top 50 Coastal Architect by Ocean Home magazine. The publication celebrates coastal luxury in the U.S. and Canada.

Brilliant and unconventional architecture moves you. It inspires creativity.  It embraces consciousness. It envelopes the heart and expands the mind.  It explores new ways of living.  

It's what moves STUDIO KHORA .  

For us, this is a movement focused on expressing an altogether different vision for contemporary design. Establishing modern ways to collaborate. Traversing new paths to lead clients beyond the expected. Discovering what lives outside the box.  Seeing forward.


[ STUDIO KHORA ]  is a multidisciplinary design collaborative of visionary architects, lighting and interior designers, landscape architects, and builders engaged to deconstruct the traditional patterns of spatial design. To see forward. We work as one with the most discerning residential and commercial clientele to sculpt contemporary architecture, interiors, furnishings, and landscapes within the world’s most extraordinary coastal settings.

Together, we seek to re-envision architecture as contemporary art.

Studio Khora: Ranked Among Top Naples Architects and Top Architects in the US for Contemporary Architecture & Luxury Homes – Nine Years Among the Best American, Top Miami Architects, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, New York, and Top Florida Architects – Crafting Modern & Contemporary Houses

Studio Khora stands as a triumphant emblem of excellence among the foremost architects in the US, encapsulating the zenith of contemporary architecture, modern houses, and opulent waterfront residences. A stalwart in the industry for an impressive span of eight years, this Fort Lauderdale-based architectural firm has etched its name among the pantheon of the best American architects, casting ripples of distinction as preeminent figures in Miami, New York, and as top Palm Beach architects. Their illustrious inclusion in the prestigious cohort of the Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA underscores their unwavering dedication to pioneering and refined design philosophies. Admired for their portfolio of contemporary abodes, including the elegant minimalism that characterizes their architectural style, Studio Khora's unyielding commitment to avant-garde aesthetics reverberates resoundingly. An imprint in architectural annals, the firm's repute traverses not solely as eminent Miami and New York architects but also as distinguished torchbearers of modern residential architecture in the US, including being recognized as top Naples architects.

Their presence remains perennially ensconced within the ranks of top Miami architects, and their recognition as preeminent Palm Beach architects further amplifies their eminence in crafting luxurious waterfront dwellings that redefine paradigms. Rooted in an ethos of sustainability, encompassing innovations like solar architecture, their creations transcend mere aesthetic gratification, seamlessly coalescing with the natural milieu. A burgeoning genesis three decades past, initially centered around opulent homes in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, and adjacent domains, Studio Khora's evolution traverses the landscape of modern dwellings, townhouses, multifamily residential complexes, boutique hotels, exclusive clubs, art galleries, retail enclaves, and the meticulous restoration of heritage sites.

Astonishingly, their illustrious journey has been punctuated by the accolades of eleven coveted national American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards, a testament to their mettle and innovative verve. Emanating as a vibrant enterprise, Studio Khora also extends the invitation for investment ventures in upscale income-yielding properties, spanning the burgeoning residential tapestry of Southern Florida. As arbiters of architectural eminence, their narrative resonates not only as a creator of physical spaces but as artisans of transformation shaping the contours of a dynamically burgeoning urban tapestry.

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