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For the eighth consecutive year, STUDIO KHORA is recognized as a

Top 50 Coastal Architect by Ocean Home magazine. The publication celebrates coastal luxury in the U.S. and Canada.

Brilliant and unconventional architecture moves you. It inspires creativity.  It embraces consciousness. It envelopes the heart and expands the mind.  It explores new ways of living.  

It's what moves STUDIO KHORA .  

For us, this is a movement focused on expressing an altogether different vision for contemporary design. Establishing modern ways to collaborate. Traversing new paths to lead clients beyond the expected. Discovering what lives outside the box.  Seeing forward.


[ STUDIO KHORA ]  is a multidisciplinary design collaborative of visionary architects, lighting and interior designers, landscape architects, and builders engaged to deconstruct the traditional patterns of spatial design. To see forward. We work as one with the most discerning residential and commercial clientele to sculpt contemporary architecture, interiors, furnishings, and landscapes within the world’s most extraordinary coastal settings.

Together, we seek to re-envision architecture as contemporary art.

For eight consecutive years, Top architects in the US Studio Khora specializes in contemporary architecture, and have been listed in between best American architects, and top architects list such as Miami architects, Fort Lauderdale architects, top Florida architects and New York architects. Khora a top 50 architecture firms in the US for luxury homes, modern houses or contemporary houses.

Top architects in the US, the award-winning contemporary Fort Lauderdale architects Studio Khora, listed in the Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA, focused in contemporary architecture, modern houses, contemporary houses and luxury homes. South Florida architects, Studio Khora among best American architects, top New York architects and famous architecture firms in the USA designing contemporary archietcture.  Studio Khora is a Fort Lauderdale architecture firm for luxury waterfront homes, has been consistent considered in the top architecture firms in the US for modern houses, minimalist house and contemporary homes. For seven consecutive years, Top architects in the US Studio Khora has been dedicated to contemporary architecture, and listed in between best American architects, and top architects list such as Miami architects, Fort Lauderdale architects, Florida architects and New York architects. Studio Khora a top 50 architecture firms in the US for luxury homes, modern houses or contemporary houses. Top Miami architects Studio Khora is not only between the best Miami architects, New York architects and residential architects in Fort Lauderdale, but historically has been well-known as a Boca Raton architect for modern homes. In addition, the firm has been recognized in the top Palm Beach architects for contemporary luxury waterfront homes. South Florida residential architects Studio Khora has been in the top Miami architects list of best Miami residential architects six years in a row. The firm is dedicated to cutting-edge contemporary architecture with focus on minimalist houses style. A search to find an architect between famous architecture firms, the best architects in Miami, Fort Lauderdale residential architects Studio Khora, will lead you to the Studio Khora website which exhibits the innovative architectural services for creative cutting-edge contemporary projects for which they are acclaimed. Award-winning architects Studio Khora specializes in contemporary architecture, modern homes with contemporary design to offer more than just a modern house plans related to mid-century architecture. The architecture firm has been awarded by Ocean Home Magazine to be in the top architecture firms in the US, top 50 coastal architects in the country. In addition to innovative style the architectural design company produces sustainable designs creating in essence a design green house and the residential architect includes solar architecture in their architectural projects. Fort lauderdale architects Rex Nichols Architects emerged 30 years ago, focused primarily upon designing and building luxury homes, and mid-rise for owners and developers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and the surrounding region that have received eleven national American Institute of Architects AIA awards. Over time, Studio Khora expanded the core of the business into designing, and developing modern residences, modern townhouses, multifamily residential properties, restaurants, hotel, private clubs, galleries, retail spaces, condominium projects and the restoration & renovation of historic sites throughout Southern Florida. Through this ongoing process, Studio Khora have evolved into a company focused on creating opportunities for investment in potential high-end income properties set in a vibrant, and rapidly expanding residential market.

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