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Residential Architecture / “Living Contemporary”

To create an object requires foresight. For many, the object is the end. For architects, the object is often the objective. However, for the person interacting with the object, an experience is in the making.  And making space for living entails and becomes the experience that shapes a life fulfilled.  Our work with clients in creating contemporary residences is a result of foresight. Objective collaboration.  And infinite trust. 

Emaar Properties in Dubai selected Studio KHORA between top architecture firms in the US, top Miami architects, best residential architects in the US, and famous architects for a design competition. Top Florida architects Studio Khora has joint-venture with Swedroe Architects to develop contemporary houses in the USA. 

Studio Khora is prominently recognized among the top architecture firms in the US, specialized in contemporary houses, has joint-venture with famous architects and top Miami residential architects for architectural design competition in Dubai. A search for top Miami architects, best architects in Miami, architectural firms in Miami, and the best residential architects in the US, will lead you to Fort Lauderdale residential architects Studio Khora website which exhibits the innovative contemporary projects for which they are acclaimed. Top Florida architects Studio Khora specializes in modern home design and modern house floor plans. The firm has been awarded four years in a row by Ocean Home Magazine to the top 50 coastal architects in the USA. In addition to cutting-edge contemporary design Khora produces sustainable design for green homes and high-rises and including daylight and solar. Having started the firm in South Florida with Miami residential architects Studio Khora quickly became recognized among the best architecture companies in the USA. In addition to be included in the top Miami architects, in the following years the Studio Khora residential architects expanded into the state of as well as being known in the top Palm Beach architects. Studio Khora has also created residential architectural plans in the Bahamas. Recently Studio Khora was selected by Emaar Properties in Dubai to participate in a design competition based on what they considered to be the contemporary Miami Beach architectural style, and the firm was one of the final three finalist architect design firms in the USA. Studio Khora has been awarded numerous times by the AIA American Institute of Architects, The American Society of Interior Designers, The builders Association of South Florida, as well as other industry organizations. Currently the firm has evolved into a progressive contemporary style and a building architecture which is distinctly different from the “form follows function” theories of the modernist architects. This style of house architecture used to create residential architectural home plans has elevated the firm high on the Miami architects list as well as on the list of Fort Lauderdale architects. Those interested in modern design Florida and residential architect and who are in need of architectural house plans for south Florida architecture and are hoping to find an architect who can reach their dreams and aspirations will enjoy working with Fort Lauderdale residential architects Studio Khora to complete their dream home. Studio Khora is recognized in the top architectural firms in the US, and specializes is residential architecture design. Studio Khora has been awarded eleven AIA awards in addition to numerous other industry awards for their amazing home designs. The firm’s contemporary residential architecture is innovative and sustainable.   Their residential architecture design caught the attention of a major international developer who commissioned them as a lead architect to design a mid-rise residential modern building on a project for which the best architects in the world participated with other famous architects to create the best architecture, establishing them with other famous architecture firms. Fort Lauderdale architect Studio Khora included in the best American architects list is pushing the boundaries for the next step forward to a new contemporary architecture. Miami architects Studio Khora, prominent Miami residential architects is focused in contemporary design, has perceived that the contemporary architecture and art movement are paralleling each other and they are ensuring to take advantage of this situation and have separated themselves completely from famous architects modernists architects’ practices and functionalist doctrine that the form of a building should be determined by practical considerations such as use, material, and structure. As distinct from the attitude that plan and structure must conform to a preconceived picture in the designer’s mind. Top Miami architects Studio Khora is architect in Miami Florida pushing the boundaries for the next step forward to new modern homes.

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