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Architect as Developer  /  “Self-Expression”

Artistic expression is discovery from within. Imagination without restraint. Exploration without boundary. It may manifest itself as an individual journey — the conceptual kernel to be seeded, watered, nurtured, trained, and perhaps one day, harvested with singular vision. Developed from birth. 

It is in these rare instances that STUDIO KHORA tells its own story, through chapter and verse. Where we are our own author, inspired to create the characters embraced by others and yet constructed entirely by our own devices. This is development as self-expression.   

These are the projects we envision, plan, construct, and market on our own. Creation at every step. It’s an opportunity to test our concepts and the external response to it. Yes, it must appeal to a buyer and yet, there is no client. Practitioners will refer to this approach as “architect as developer.” For STUDIO KHORA it is the essence of contemporary art, as expressed through the creative vision of the artist. It is process. It is sculpture. It is product.

It is how we express possibility.

Design To Market  / “Eyes Wide Open”

We’re observers. Visionaries. With eyes wide open. As a contemporary architecture practice, STUDIO KHORA is forever seeking to uncover the possible, be it a site, a structure, or a property unrealized. We recognize the promise a place may hold — be it a dream setting or an opportunity to maximize return on investment. Ideally, it’s both.

We approach real estate from a different place than most traditional models. It’s a partnership between client and architect to unlock vision. Intent. Possibility. To embrace the whole of a site; its advantages, its eccentricities, its entire envelope. When a property is discovered, a proforma is developed — we initiate a series of projects “for the sake of the form”. Architectural style, footprint, cost of construction, zoning restrictions, all of it from a different eye; so that potential issues are minimized and calculations on return are in full view.

We don’t do it alone. STUDIO KHORA continues to foster a network of premier real estate professionals in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Cape Cod, the Intracoastal waterways of South Florida, and Palm Springs. We are always looking.   

It’s a unique model in real estate. One that delivers considerable return for colleagues such as Green Park Group, our collaborative partners in OCEAN SIX TERRACES. See the case study here. Or the spec masterpiece at 2633 Spanish River Road in Boca Raton, FL, a 10,000 sq. ft. piece of contemporary artistry that achieved new records in ROI for its visionary investors. 


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Studio KHORA has established relationships with premier real estate professionals, including top Miami realtors, Fort Lauderdale realtors, Maine realtors, Palm Beach realtors, Massachusetts realtors, Cape Cod realtors, covering Maine Coast, sandy shores of Cape Cod and the Islands, the Intracoastal waterways of South Florida, or sun-drenched Palm Springs. 

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