There is a new trend where savvy buyers are leveraging the combined professional skills and knowledge of realtors and architects to locate and purchase the perfect lot for their luxury home. Here is what they have learned.


The real estate professional can find the most exquisite site for your home, whether a vacant lot or a tear-down. The realtor maintains a network of resources, knows the local market, comparable properties, inventory, financing options, and is familiar with off-market properties.


The architect can create a compelling design with a floor plan to take the best advantage of the site. Working with a top residential architect can increase the value of the property by up to 40%, as compared to mainstream architectural design.


The architect knows how to maximize the buildable square footage and estimate the total construction cost. They provide valuable expertise by determining, with a pro forma (financial feasibility study), the maximum price per square foot to spend on construction and how the cost relates to the style for a specific site.


Working as a team, the architect and Realtor provide a greater combination of skills and knowledge to achieve a refined and accurate pro forma, whether a home built from the ground up or a remodeled existing dwelling. Without their collaboration, a pro forma may lack the intelligence from each profession and miss the opportunity to achieve a high ROI (Return on Investment.)


Life is unpredictable. Over time, your lifestyle and circumstances will change. When you shift from one path to another, your new multi-million-dollar house should deliver a handsome return and support the transition from one location to another.

Studio KHORA’s selected real estate partners can search for the ideal lot, whether undeveloped land or a teardown property, to its greatest potential.  We can recommend our preferred top realtors in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Maine, Florida, and California by providing your contact information below.  



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[ As a team of architects and real estate professionals, we prepare a proforma by considering the various elements of your project: comps, architectural style, building size, cost of construction, so we can determine the maximum return on your investment. Together as a team, we can discover the best location to express the client and architect’s vision and take full advantage of the site, while respecting the environment. ]


Studio KHORA has established relationships with premier real estate professionals, including top Miami realtors, Fort Lauderdale realtors, Maine realtors, Massachusetts realtors, Cape Cod realtors, covering Maine Coast, sandy shores of Cape Cod and the Islands, the Intracoastal waterways of South Florida, or sun-drenched Palm Springs. 


A recent example of our collaboration with real estate partners includes the project OCEAN SIX TERRACES, Pompano Beach, developed by the Green Park Group - Toronto, based on Team KHORA’s feasibility study

(preliminary architectural plans and pro forma), which far exceeded the projected 50% ROI, allowed Green Park Group to secure the property, develop the land, and retain ownership of all six units for future sale as the real estate market explodes in South Florida. Ultimately, Green Park Group anticipates a 70% return in one year.  

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