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Commercial Architecture / “Building Partnership”

A true partnership is the beneficial union of different and complementary forces. An asymmetrical balance. Collective expertise brought in unison through design, construction, planning, and administration to further bolster a combined position of strength.

Together,  Studio KHORA  +  SWEDROE Architecture  presents a viable collaborative — developing  contemporary houses, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, boutique hotels, and commercial properties the world over.  It’s a partnership that has blossomed over the course of time and throughout shared projects — most recently, as a finalist for the largest developer in the Middle East, Emaar Properties. 

With each and every project comes new challenges. New ways of working. Knowing a partner as we do in Swedroe Architecture ensures those challenges become opportunities. Opportunities that expand the very idea of what contemporary live-work means around an ever-changing globe.



The partnership between Swedroe Architecture and KHORA team is not new as the two highly innovative companies have previously worked together on domestic and international projects.


With the most recent collaboration in 2018, the team’s design was selected as one of three finalists for a luxury high-rise condo development in Dubai ] with Emaar Properties – the largest development company in the middle east.Emaar Properties ] is famous for the development of the tallest building in the world – [  Burj Khalifa in Dubai ].

About Swedroe Architecture


For over 45 years Swedroe Architecture, formerly Robert M. Swedroe Architects & Planners, has been setting the ‘Gold Standard’ in high-rise residential condo design in South Florida with innovative concepts as Direct Entry Elevators and Sunrise–Sunset units; both now “standard practice” in luxury residential buildings around the globe. Swedroe Architecture has completed over 200 building projects worldwide and is known for setting the standard for luxury high-rise condo living. Swedroe Architecture, formerly Robert M. Swedroe Architects & Planners, was founded in Miami Beach in 1974.

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