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Residential Architecture / “Living Contemporary”

To create an object requires foresight. For many, the object is the end. For architects, the object is often the objective. However, for the person interacting with the object, an experience is in the making.  And making space for living entails and becomes the experience that shapes a life fulfilled.  Our work with clients in creating contemporary residences is a result of foresight. Objective collaboration.  And infinite trust. 

Studio Khora: Leading the Way as Top USA Architects – Creating Luxury Homes, Modern and Contemporary Houses with Unmatched Excellence – Among Top Miami Architects, Palm Beach architects and Best Residential Architects in the US

Studio Khora, a beacon among the top USA architects, has set an unassailable standard in contemporary architecture, capturing the essence of modern and contemporary houses. Recognized as one of the top architecture firms in Miami and revered for being the best residential architects in the US, Studio Khora's unique approach to design has positioned it alongside the likes of top Miami architects and New York architects. Specializing in luxury homes, the firm has forged a joint venture with other renowned architects to compete in architectural design competitions, including those hosted in Dubai. A search for top Miami architects, architectural firms in Miami, or the best residential architects in the US will inevitably lead you to Studio Khora's website, where you can explore their award-winning contemporary projects. Their accolades from Ocean Home Magazine as top coastal architects in the USA for four consecutive years bear testimony to their innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge design. Whether it's modern home design, green homes, or high-rises, Studio Khora's Miami residential architects are distinguished as the best in American architecture.

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